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Hotel Donaldson

Hotel Donaldson | Fargo, ND

The HoDo project was a complete renovation. The hotel was originally built in 1893.  At that time, it was one of the first buildings constructed after a fire destroyed much of downtown Fargo.

Through the years, the building had been used for many purposes until finally falling into disrepair in the 1970’s.  The revitalized facility now houses a highly acclaimed Boutique Hotel, Bar/Lounge and North Dakota’s only AAA-rated, Four Diamond Restaurant.

The renovation of the facility required careful consideration in maintaining the historical aesthetics and unique attributes of a century-old facility, while still incorporating all modern conveniences.  The original sparse rooms were transformed into spacious luxury suites, each with its own unique identity.  The main level was designed to accommodate the restaurant and bar, while the basement was transformed from a dirt floor crawl space into a kitchen support area, health club and satellite bar / seating area.  A fourth floor was also added to showcase an additional roof-top seating area and garden.

The electrical design for the facility included a wide array of decorative, yet energy efficient light fixtures; an extensive power distribution system to service the needs of the hotel, bar, restaurant and all associated kitchen equipment, and HVAC equipment; and all life safety and communications systems.